Day Trips

If you want to get to know Sweden, Skane is not only geographically speaking an ideal starting point but also in regard to the diversity of the flora, fauna and types of landscapes. The Swedes say: «if you have seen Skane, you get an idea of the diversity of the whole country»
There is a clear difference in terms of climate: thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate is mild throughout the year. If there is snow at all, it only lasts a few days. Here in the south, the dark season is condsiderably shorter than in the north of the country.
One way or another, The Lilla Trulla Gardshotell offers an ideal starting point for day trips and acitivities.
Here are some examples:


A well preserved fishing village on the Hanö Bay (Baltic Sea). There you’ll find an old fishing boat serving as a ice cream counter with the biggest choice of ice creams.

Ales Stenar

A stone circle from the Viking era in the shape of a boat. Consisting of 59 stones, measuring 70x20 m, it is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia.


The centre of Swedish tennis and where the «Swedish open» is held in June. Also worth seing is Norrvikens Trädgardar, a stately home in beautiful parkland.


Known for its marvellous fine sandy beaches and its ever changing sand dunes. With a bit of luck, you can find amber stones. As the most southwestern point of Sweden, it is an important site for watching migrating birds.


The open air museum near Helsingborg shows «Skane en miniature» with old buildings and gardens on 360 000m2 of land.


Bosjökloster by the Ringlakes, with beautiful herbal gardens, a 500 year old oak tree and views on to the lakes. Here you will also find “Skanes Djurpark” with all of Swedens wild animals and old farm animal breeds.

Hovs Hallar

A nature reserve with old juniper bushes and bizarre rock formations.


Known for its huge market fair in July and its orchards (and production of cider). Furthermore there are significant ritual sites from the Viking era such as the tomb of Kivik and the graveyard of Bredarör.


Rocky headland with an old silver mine, a lighthouse and wide views on to the sea.


The old citadel is one of the best preserved of Scandinava.


A universitiy city with a beautiful domed cathedral. The «youngest» city of Sweden due to the average age of the inhabitants and one of the oldest universities in Europe (founded 1438 as a seminary).


Ths lively city is the southern gateway (via Öresund bridge) to Sweden and offers museums and other places of interest such as the «turning torso», the deconstructivist towerblock of the Spanish star architect Santiago Calatrava. The Fotevikens Museum south of Malmö shows how the Vikings lived.


«Flickorna Lundgrens» is a world famous café, pastry shop and confectioners set in beautiful gardens. King Gustav VI Adolf regularly came by coach from Sofiero to enjoy the pastries.


Sofiero castle and gardens; sommer residence of the old King Gustav VI Adolf with the world famous Rhododendron collection. Rhododendrons are in blossom from the end of May to June. Open air concerts are being held from June until August.


An idyllic fishing village on the peninsula of Bjäre. The off shore island of Hallands Väderö has ben a nature conservation area since 1958 and a popular destination for nature and bird lovers alike. There is also a small colony of seals which can be watched from nearby.


A must for every fan of Inspector Wallander…

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